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I am working very often with LaTeX. I am using a windows machine with Vim for the tex-Files and Yap to view the dvi-files.

I want to show you a very convenient way of roundtrip editing.

Say, you are in a tex-File writing something. Than you want to preview it. You want to read the dvi file e.g. for proof reading.

You just press F5. A new window opens with the dvi-File. And the cursor is exactly at the position where it was in the tex file.

Then you are reading and scrolling down. Then you detect somewhere an error. You doubel-click on the error and the tex file opens again exactly at the position where the error is.

In this tutorial I show you how to achieve this.

I have helped a friend to write a book with Vim and create it with LaTeX.

It is in German and about tango dancing.

Here is the link to amazon: Tango macht glücklich