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Configuring YAP

For the backward jump do the following:
  • Jump to a target in Vim from a certain place in YAP

Open YAP and go to View->Options->Inverse Search

Insert the following line (adapt it to your environment):

D:\Vim\vim64\gvim.exe --remote-wait-silent +%l "%f"

--remote means: open in existing Vim instance

--remote-wait: As --remote, but wait for files to complete
(unload) in remote Vim

As --remote-wait, but don't complain if there
is no server. A new Vim instance will be opened

+ means: line number

%f means: filename


gvim.exe --remote +33 loreipxum.tex

opens the file loreipxum.tex in an already opened Vim instance 
at line number 33